Fishing & Boat Hire

The Great Zambezi is renowned for its fishing. Offering a huge amount of different species you will not have any problems catching. BUT we all want to land that Monster Tiger Fish, one of the most extreme fresh water game fish in the world!

We, at Tiger Safaris practice “Catch & Release” and expect all our clients to do the same. Our intention is to preserve this magnificent fish, for our future generations to enjoy, and to improve the Tiger fishing catch rates.

Our drivers are there to assist you in catching the fish, as well as ensuring the successful release of the Tiger species. We depend on you, our valued clients & our drivers to make every effort to release each & every one landed.

Our Boats

Tiger Safari’s runs 4 river runners, 6 sportsters, and a pontoon. Whether you are looking for a great days fishing or a cruise to see game, each boat comes with an experienced guide who knows where the fish will be, where the game will be and they will cater for your needs.

Fishing rods, live bait and tackle are available however we do encourage you to bring your own.

Boat Prices:
    USD$150.00 a full day excl. fuel ($170.00 External Clients)
    USD$90.00 per half day excl. fuel ($100.00 External Clients)

Please ensure that you have obtained & paid for the River Usage & Fishing Permits from National Parks & Wildlife, “Before” you go out on the river. It is an Offence to enter the river and/or fish without a permit.


Whilst Tiger Fish are the kings of the Zambezi, they are far from the only (or even the biggest) fish in the river. Of the 46 species in the river, Vundu are clearly the largest while Chessa and Nkupe amongst the feistiest.

Although Tiger are the undisputed champions, be sure to look out for other species too. The Vundu (a type of cat fish) is the largest fish on the Zambezi and will put up an immense fight. On the lighter side the Chessa and Nkupe are smaller, but don’t let that fool you, dynamite come is small packages. Finally a fish for the taste buds, the Bream a tasty treat to all who have caught them. This fish provides a good fight on the rod and a beautiful meal on the braai.